Founded in 1976, Grupo Danhos is a Mexican development group dedicated to developing, leasing, operating and managing iconic and premier quality retail, office and mixed- use properties located in Metropolitan Area of Mexico City. With 37 years of experience in the Mexican real estate market.

Grupo Danhos has pioneered the development of mixed-use properties and office campuses, and was among the early adopters of technological innovations in its designs and operations, including fiber optics, advanced security systems, using Park Help, Federal APD, Traffic Pro, SAP and other operational monitoring software and services.

Grupo Danhos specializes in executing complex, technically challenging projects for which its expertise is difficult to replicate while leveraging the skills of its management team to successfully develop properties that others might not have the capacity or resources to pursue.

In the past 37 years, Grupo Danhos has built around 1.5 million square meters of premier – quality retail and office space, as well as of residential projects, figure that will increase to over 2.0 million square meters in the next few years.

Grupo Danhos emphasizes developing properties with timeless features designed by award-winning architects, and innovations that have become the industry standard in México.

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